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Great roads to ride here in Quebec.

A lot of students approach me asking where they could go out riding. Obviously downtown Montreal isn't the answer because the real fun of riding a motorcycle is to be on an open secondary road with lots of curves and slopes. This is where you really connect with the feeling of riding your bike. A feeling of adrenaline and freedom that cannot be reached in another vehicle unless you're flying a jet fighter.

There are many beautiful roads here in Quebec, not so much on the island of Montreal, but you can easily enjoy these fairly beginner trips under a 4 hour ride. Anything more than 4 hours tends to get exhausting anyway; especially for a beginner rider.

- Trip to Saint-Donat: the 329 starting from Lachute going north all the way to Saint Donat is a great ride full of long sweeping curves through sloping valleys and mountains. It is relatively easy to negotiate the curves and the roads are in decent shape. A quick up and down with a lunch in Saint Donat or Saint Agathe des Monts is always a good way to replenish energies and unwind.

Recommended for all level riders.

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